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Research and Data

Studies prove that changing consumer behaviour regarding energy consumption is directly related to the awareness of the public via education, and by making energy data readily available. In order to reduce electricity consumption, accurate real time data must be available to homeowners and this has been studied extensively. This is the driving force behind Blue Line Innovations' philosophy and approach.

Reports for Downloads

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures study concludes homes using the EnergyCloud reduced electricity consumption by 9% overall and up to 16.7% for those with electric hot water heaters. The three year electricity consumption data for all participants was normalized based on the weather and survey data using a statistical algorithm.

The analysis of the data has provided the following major conclusions:

  • An overall reduction of about 9% in electricity consumption
  • Households using electric water heating and electric heating showed an overall higher percentage reduction in their electricity consumption, at 17% and 14% respectively