Blue Line Innovations Adopts the Rise Platform to Address the Growing Sustainable Home Market

Blue Line Innovations announced today that it has selected the Rise platform to promote its EnergyCloud® offering to the sustainable home market. Beginning today, Blue Line’s EnergyCloud home electricity monitoring system is listed as a sustainable product on, alongside other helpful resources for homeowners such as expert articles, home rebates, skilled professionals, and project photos.

According to Gerry O'Brien, President & Chief Technology Officer for Blue Line Innovations, "We feel that the Rise platform is the ideal vehicle to help us promote and deliver our advanced home electricity monitoring solution to homeowners that are concerned about their impact on the environment."

EnergyCloud provides homeowners with real-time energy feedback to help them better understand their energy usage, lower their monthly electricity costs and eliminate surprise utility bills. EnergyCloud can be installed in under 30 minutes with no wiring or electrician required. An increasing number of homeowners are seeking products that lower their carbon footprint, decrease total energy demand and improve their home’s comfort and safety. According to the Energy Pulse Survey, more than 80% of surveyed consumers say they would choose one home over another based on energy efficiency.

Blue Line Innovations is a perfect fit for the Rise platform community of engaged homeowners who are educated on the benefits of sustainable home products. Over one million homeowners have used the Rise platform to undertake sustainable home improvement projects to date. They can access helpful resources and a network of like-minded homeowners, professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and even utilities.

"While we've come to rely on electricity for nearly everything, we tend to take it for granted by overrunning our electricity bills and wasting precious resources on devices we forget to unplug. Energy monitoring devices help homeowners to adopt energy saving habits, lower energy consumption, and save money.", said Andrew Keezer, Chief Operating Officer for Rise.

Rise and Blue Line Innovations anticipate that the Rise platform will allow Blue Line to reach new markets and help more homeowners find technologies to help them manage their home energy usage. Learn more about Blue Line Innovations on Rise at

About Blue Line Innovations:

Founded in 2004, Blue Line Innovations Inc. is a leader in innovative home energy management. Our EnergyCloud service tracks electricity use in real-time, helping you decrease your home’s power consumption and costs and eliminates surprise electricity bill. With more than 350,000 electricity monitoring devices delivered across North America, Blue Line has the product expertise to help homeowners achieve their electricity saving goals.

About Rise:

We’re on a mission to change the residential construction landscape by helping everyone build better homes that are fit for tomorrow’s standards. Rise is an objective and independent third party resource that researches and brings together products, professionals, rebates, and know-how on building with sustainability in mind. Our data and research aims to educate and provide decision power for homeowners and homeowners to be. While the data and content found on Rise is entirely its own, we also include references from other trusted sources on sustainable building. To date, Rise has helped over one million homeowners with their home improvement projects. In 2019, Rise became a Certified B Corp.

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