Blue Line Innovations unveils the next generation of EnergyCloud.

August 8th, 2018, Ottawa, Canada – Blue Line Innovations, a leader in innovative home energy management, has unveiled its innovative next generation EnergyCloud platform for the residential and light commercial markets. The patented solution provides anywhere, anytime, relevant, real time energy consumption information and provides whole home and appliance level reporting. The meter agnostic, universal, solution provides ultimate flexibility working on mechanical, digital and smart meters.

Easy to Install, Low Cost Solution - Unlike other products in the industry, Blue Line’s EnergyCloud is truly an easy, Do-It-Yourself installation and does not require an electrician. This cuts the total cost of ownership to less than half of other competitor’s products and provides a much faster return on investment (ROI).

Flexibility and Simplicity – The EnergyCloud Meter Sensor is meter agnostic and autosenses meter types while providing very granular data (15-second) and enables advanced applications such as non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM). There is no wiring required into the home’s electrical panel and the guided DIY installation is enabled by continuous health/status reporting.

Web, Mobile, Voice Enabled and Secure – EnergyCloud provides a flexible user interface including “Just Ask Amazon Alexa” certification and secure, standards-based, API’s allowing integration with 3rd party services while providing over-the-air product updates designed for future proofing.

Blue Line’s President and CTO, Gerry O’Brien comments .... "Our number one objective is to provide users with the real time information they need to make informed energy usage decisions to help them save money. Increasing the level and quality of user engagement makes this possible. We believe that making this information accessible in a manner that is convenient for the user is key to overall adoption and ultimately, success."

About Blue Line Innovations; Founded in 2004, Blue Line is a leader in innovative home energy management providing the best user engagement driven by real-time energy consumption information. With over 350,000 home installations across 100+ Utilities in North America, Blue Line is an established and proven provider of industry leading technology for home energy management. Blue Line’s next generation of EnergyCloud is now available for immediate shipment. For more information, please visit


Gerry O'Brien
President & CTO
Mobile: (613) 884-2523