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The PowerCost Monitor™ is an incredibly simple to use device that allows you to monitor the cost of running specific home appliances and electronics in real time.

Better still, it helps you reduce energy waste, by showing how much energy is being used when you think everything is turned off. A sensor that easily installs on any electricity meter, sends information wirelessly to the hand held monitor — which displays usage in kilowatts and cost per-hour. The PowerCost™ Monitor works seamlessly with 3rd party apps to let you take control of your household energy expenses. Learn to tame your energy use with Blue Line's family of PowerCost products.

How Does Powercost™ Monitor Work?

The PowerCost Monitor is a wireless energy monitoring solution. Your energy usage data is transmitted in real-time from your electricity meter via the Blue Line optical sensor and sent to your portable monitor or via WiFi bridge to your Energy Cloud account.  You can monitor usage remotely on-line as well manage your energy use. Learn more...


How Does the Energy Cloud™ Work?

See your energy usage anywhere, anytime. Access real-time energy data remotely from your account — monitor your home, rental property, business or cottage from anywhere on any device. Learn how and when you can best optimize your use of energy.  Be Aware. Eliminate waste. Better understand activities by rate period. Spend less. Learn more...


What Does the PowerCost™ Solution Do For Me?

Better information leads to better decisions – it's that simple. The PowerCost family gives you the tools to take control of your energy costs. Families using real time energy monitors reduce their energy bill on average 9%. Eliminate waste energy. Optimize energy settings. Shift your use to off-peak price periods. Increase awareness. Learn about your own trends so you can make big changes and save on your monthly utility bills. Learn more...


Blue Line Innovations supplies real-time, energy data to help people conserve energy and protect our environment. A Canadian based, global tech company; Blue Line provides utility companies, small businesses and homeowners with accurate, granular data and powerful monitoring tools. If every home and small business takes one small step to reducing energy use – the impact on the planet will be significant. Save on your monthly bill AND make a positive step forward on climate change.

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